Object Tracking

The localization of objects, machines and goods is in many ways provides comprehensive advantages and reduce our costs to manage these objects. On construction sites, often expensive machinery and equipment used (excavators, concrete mixers, special drills, etc.) which are left unattended overnight or the weekend. Thieves take advantage of such situations and create even large construction abroad. Object tracking solutions from Arctic Lemon effectively prevent the theft and transfer of stolen objects abroad. A GPS tracker can play a protective role in several ways: using geo-fencing, a relatively small space are defined, in which the moving object may be monitored. If you exit this area, an alarm is automatically triggered. Using Over-speed alarm, exceeding a defined maximum speed, the removal of a machine or device by truck or car also triggered an alarm. An alarm can also occur when an object at a certain time (at night or on weekends) moves or the ignition of vehicle is switched on. Arctic Lemon GPS Tracking devices helps to track the valuable or dangerous items such as suitcases, vintage cars, containers, spare parts, chemicals, etc.